Welcome Verse
Good Morning Dear Earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear trees
And flowers each one
Good morning dear beasties
And birds in the tree
Good morning to you
Good morning to me

Morning Tea Verse
Blessings on the blossom
And blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaf and stem
And blessing on the root

Farewell verse
No more work and no more play
All our toys are packed away
And ended is a lovely day.

Morning Star

Term 1 overview

Our Early Childhood program provides a nurturing foundation for the growing child.  We strive to create a warm and nourishing environment where each child will flourish.  Our Early years program honours the young child’s need for connectedness, with nurturing rhythms, quality sensory experiences and engagement in real work of childhood:play.

During term 1 we are working at building a sense of belonging.  The subtle gesture of giving each child their own hidy hole, slippers and rest time doll suggests that ‘here there is a place for you and you are welcomed’.

As the term goes on the children will live through and experience the rhythm of the day, the outdoors and indoors the active and the quiet the breathing in and out.  We will explore the beauty of summer with her golden sunflowers and buzzing bees.  The hot afternoons and bare feet in the cool, wet sand.

Softly sung songs tell the children it is time for something different, “wither shall I follow” gently guides the children to new routines.  Friday afternoon walk will connect the kindergarten children with their Prep friends and the school garden.

Stories are shared each day from old favourites like The three Billy Goats, to beach stories about “Grass Star Man” and towards the end of term stories with an Easter theme.

Hand work has begun with the children making their own drawing folders.  Punching holes and simple sewing with wool and large needles.  Soon we will twist and twist to see some magic and then as the weather turns cool we will go “over the hill and through the window” as little fingers work to make pom poms.