Welcome Verse
Good Morning Dear Earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear trees
And flowers each one
Good morning dear beasties
And birds in the tree
Good morning to you
Good morning to me

Morning Tea Verse
Blessings on the blossom
And blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaf and stem
And blessing on the root

Farewell verse
No more work and no more play
All our toys are packed away
And ended is a lovely day.

Morning Star

Term 3 overview

As we welcome the children back after the holiday we will be immersed in our winter program. New songs to learn about King Winter and Jack Frost, our stories also follow the theme of winter – the magic porridge pot, the three bears, etc.
We hope to help keep the children warm by making tie-died singlets together that can be taken home and worn to kinder each day, we will have rainbow tummies under our clothes!
Many indoor activities will be shared around the warm fire, little fingers will new learn new craft skills with sewing and weaving being introduced. We will also use the fire oven to bake our weekly bread. Morning tea will be shared over warm soup and bread buns. Outdoors we will work on a digging patch and chop firewood with our donkey saw. On our weekly walks, there will be kindling to collect and puddles to measure, jump over and hopefully not fall in!
As the term progresses we slowly and gradually say goodbye to winter and begin to welcome the princess of spring. Our little bulbs are already showing their heads and the autumn green manure crop in the veggie garden is growing very well. As the little plants in this crop look like spreading seeds we will work with the children to cut them down and dig them into the soil. Then there will be seeds to sow for our summer veggies. Our focus turns to the blossoms, bees, and butterflies. The end of the term is celebrated with our spring festival.