We aim to give all children enrolling at the school a smooth transition that enables them to become part of our school with a minimum of disruption and maximum support. We welcome all children who are eligible to attend a Victorian school.



Enrolment Procedure

1) Intention to enrol a child is made using the Registration for Enrolment form and the non-refundable registration fee of $50 is paid per family.

2) The prospective parents will be taken on a tour of the school and enrolment forms provided to parents.

3) The School will organise interviews upon return of signed enrolment forms. The Principal is to ensure there is a clear understanding of expectations on both sides and an orientation day will be arranged with the Class Teacher.

4) Following orientation day/s a formal offer of enrolment will be made in writing.

5) Enrolment will only be refused in the case of unjustifiable hardship to the school. If the Principal considers the enrolment as unsuitable, he or she will explain the reasons for this to the parent/guardian.

6) If the offer of enrolment is accepted, this will then be entered into the school system and a refundable fee bond of $500 shall be required at the time of enrolment for children in Prep and above.

We encourage you to organise an orientation day for your child.

We look forward to hearing from you!

*There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per family.
**Confirmed enrolments from Prep (Rosa Mundi) and above attract a $500 fee bond. The fee bond is refunded on completion of the enrolled life of the child with the School.

Please direct any questions to the school on 03 5779 1445 or email admin@mansfieldsteiner.vic.edu.au