Prep - Rosa Mundi come and try day - 7th February 9am. - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria

Prep – Rosa Mundi come and try day – 7th February 9am.

Why Play is Children’s Work?

If you walk into the Rosa Mundi Prep room at Mansfield Steiner School you will see children playing; may be with wooden blocks, making a cubby out of the furniture, arranging wishing stones or wearing costumes. The teacher, Ariel, will be singing at the table, chopping fruit or mixing muffins. What you will not see is photocopied sheets, text books, iPads or white boards. The children are still hard at work learning through play. Play is central to the development of thinking skills, conceptual development, sense of self and others, and forms an essential element of our prep programme.

Respect for children’s play and an understanding of its significance is fundamental to the School’s approach to learning. In this age, when formal testing is happening earlier, let your child be a child – come experience Prep in a relaxed and nurturing environment. The first Come and Try day of 2017 is Tuesday February 7th. Contact the school for bookings 57791445