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Romeo talks with Benvolio

Romeo extols the virtues of love to his good friend Benvolio

Last Thursday evening Class 7 & 8 performed William Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet. After several weeks of learning lines and bringing their characters to life they presented a highly polished production. With the help of Shakespearean drama specialist Helen Hunt and dance teacher Liam Wilson the class created many entertaining scenes to keep the audience’s…

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Child Protection and Safety Policy

On November 26th 2015 Victorian Parliament passed the Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment Bill 2015 to introduce child safe standards into law. Ministerial Order no 870 was gazetted in January 2016. The Order details specific actions that schools must take to meet the child safe standards. These standards will promote cultures where protecting children from…

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Navigating the World of Teenagers

Leading Principal to visit Mansfield

As the Mansfield Steiner School looks ahead to offer Class 9 and the International Baccalaureate, the school will host leading Melbourne principal, Fiona Cock later this month for her talk “Navigating the World of Teenagers”. “Being fifteen is an ungainly time, it is a time when teenagers feel their individuality strongly and want their independence,”…

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Richard Merton

Farewell Richard

It is with the melancholy mood of Winter that we farewell Richard Merton this week. Richard has been the Business Manager at the school since last century! Richard began in his position in 1999. He moved to Mansfield Steiner from a retail administration position in Melbourne, not really knowing anything about the school or Mansfield.…

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Michael, MC

Pictionary Night a Success

Entertaining, enjoyable, successful?? How would the participants have drawn the clues to these words at our Pictionary evening last Friday? Every table had a theme, so there were costumes from the Roaring 20s, a hospital team who looked as though they had just left the Operating Theatre, Witches and a Disco table. It was a night…

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Employment at Steiner Mansfield

Operations Manager – Full Time Position

Mansfield Steiner School is a vibrant educational facility situated in the High Country of North East Victoria. Drawing on a distinguished 30 year history, the school delivers dynamic, holistic programs from playgroup to Year 8 that nurture students at each unique stage of development. Recent organisational growth has facilitated the creation of a full-time Operations…

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Thank You!

Thank you to James Tehan for the lovely Red Gum firewood his family donated to keep the Rosa Mundi and Morning Star children warm this winter. Thank you to all of the dads and little helpers who helped cut, spit, load and stack the huge load of wood. Thank you to Eric, Steve, Paul, Chris,…

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