Morning Verse
I look into the world
In which the sun is shining
Where glimmer all the stars
Where lie the silent stones.
The plants they live and grow,
The beasts they feel and move
And we to spirit give
A dwelling in our soul.

I look into my soul
That lives within my being.
The spirit of life is weaving
In light of sun and soul,
In heights of world without,
In depths of soul within.
To thee, O spirit of Life
I, seeking turn myself,
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.

Main Lesson Close
There lives in me an image
Of all that I can be
Until I have become it
My heart is never free.

End of Day Verse
May wisdom shine through me,
May love glow within me,
May strength permeate me,
That in me may arise
A helper of mankind
A server of goodness,
Selfless and true.

Class Five

TERM 3 Overview

We begin this terming by finishing off our Persian main lesson with the Epic of Gilgamesh. This is perhaps the oldest written story; recorded over 3500 years ago, in cuneiform script, on clay tablets, in Mesopotamia, and telling the tale of Gilgamesh’s striving for immortality and the gaining of wisdom and kindness over power and strength.

Then we move into Ancient Egypt where we hear how the Nile river is the lifeblood of its people and the reason for the longevity of its civilisation.  Students will work with the story of Isis and Osiris in their literacy activities, exploring the theme of good versus evil and looking at the balance of male and female strength of character. We will investigate the pyramids in our mathematics work, giving rise to geometry, measurement and problem solving.

From Egypt we navigate Ancient Greece and hear of their Gods who had human passions, faults, sympathies and antipathies. It was a time of heroes, athleticism and an awakening of a new way of thinking. Students will be introduced to the hexameter in our poetry work from stories such as when Achilles slayed the Trojan prince Hector at the gates of Troy;

‘Sternly they met. The silence Hector broke;

His dreadful plumage nodded as he spoke:

“Enough, O son of Peleus! Troy has viewed

Her walls thrice circled and her chief pursued…

There is so much to explore in this main lesson that we will continue it through into Term 4 when we join Class 5 students from other Victorian Steiner schools for a festival of Greek Olympics.

This term we will prepare for our play The Ramayana to be performed as a celebration of Divali in October.  To help us with the play we are fortunate to have Anisha who has recently moved to Mansfield from Delhi with her husband Ani. The class is looking forward to making costumes and sets and learning traditional Indian folk songs and dances for the play.

In spring we will launch into our Botany main lesson learning about the plant world and how it is woven into our lives.  We will have several excursions including a walk amongst the ancient timbers up in the Strathbogie Ranges and across at Mt Samaria. 

Of course, being Term 3, we will also visit the Victorian Alps on our doorsteps. This year the students are not only excited to be blazing the trails again at Mt Stirling, but also at Mt Buller, to taste alpine skiing and snowboarding!