Morning Verse
I look into the world
In which the sun is shining
Where glimmer all the stars
Where lie the silent stones.
The plants they live and grow,
The beasts they feel and move
And we to spirit give
A dwelling in our soul.

I look into my soul
That lives within my being.
The spirit of life is weaving
In light of sun and soul,
In heights of world without,
In depths of soul within.
To thee, O spirit of Life
I, seeking turn myself,
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.

Main Lesson Close
There lives in me an image
Of all that I can be
Until I have become it
My heart is never free.

End of Day Verse
May wisdom shine through me,
May love glow within me,
May strength permeate me,
That in me may arise
A helper of mankind
A server of goodness,
Selfless and true.

Class Five

 TERM 1 Overview

In term 2, Class Five delve into the history and geography of Australia from Aboriginal songlines through to the first European settlers, the goldrush and tales of local bushrangers. We will meet with members of our local Taungurung clan as well as welcome visiting indigenous performers from southern NSW and QLD.

Early in the term we will travel to Sovereign Hill on a three-day camp to attend the Ballarat Benevolent Ragged School in a role play scenario dressing and acting as children of the 1850s. Students will write about times past from a third-party perspective as well as writing about their own personal experiences. Gold paved the way for bushrangers and we will explore Mansfield’s place in Australia’s bush ranging folklore.

The exploits of William Buckley and John Batman in Victoria will weave through our mathematics work on decimals, fractions and the value of money.  Our work in the garden will also play into this as we harvest a bumper crop of basil to make pesto and sell the excess at a Friday market stall.

We are learning a range of bush dances for the Harvest Bush Dance on Friday 20th March.  The Class will co-ordinate this event as our contribution to the social life of the school.

Our last main lesson of the term will begin our journey of ancient tales from East to West. Mythology will morph into history as we hear stories from India and explore its colourful culture.

Swimming features in our physical education program this term as well as Bothmer with Lou Jenkins.