Morning Verse
The Sun with Loving Light,
Makes bright for me each day.
The soul with spirit power,
Gives strength unto my limbs.
In sunlight shining clear,
I reverence oh God.
The strength of human kind,
Which thou so graciously, 
Hast planted in my soul.
That I with all my might,
May love to work and learn. 
From thee comes light and strength, 
To thee rise love and thanks.

Morning Tea Verse
Before the flour, the mill,
Before the mill, the grain,
Before the grain, the sun, the earth the rain,
The beauty of our will.

Lunch Verse
Earth who gives to us this food
Sun that makes it ripe and good
Dearest earth, dearest sun
Thanks to you we give each one
Blessings on our lunch. 
Home Verse
Guarded from harm
Cared for by angels
Here we stand loving and strong
Truthful and good.

Class Four

TERM 3 Overview

Class 4 will be looking forward to covering even more ground this term in the Skiing Program. Our practice over the past three years will hopefully mean we can have some more extended adventures during our ski days.

Our main lessons this term will be as follows

Norse Myths

Fractions 2

Class Play 

The cold weather gives the perfect opportunity to get into the stories of the Norse which would have been told around roaring fires in the depths of winter.

We will revisit and deepen our knowledge of fractions as well as continue the work of solidifying our basic arithmetic.

The class play will give us an opportunity to further embrace and enact the stories of the Norse gods. We will be focusing heavily on ways in which we can bring our characters to life.

As usual, we will rehearse as a class orchestra and prepare songs for performances. We will maintain a regular schedule of numeracy and literacy practice and will also aim to further our writing and editing skills though our study of the Norse myths.

Happy Term 3 everyone!