Good Morning Song
In the morning I arise
To greet the bright and bound-less skies
Dark of night has fled away
We greet the bright new day
Good morning morning, morning
We greet the bright new day
Good morning morning, morning
We greet the bright new day

Verse for taking the roll
I awaken every morning
To the glory of the sun
And the sunlight touches me
And the hearts of everyone
And I lift up my heart
To the glory of the sun
I awaken every morning
To the people that I know
And I see in their eyes
All the love and care they show
And I hold in my heart
All the people that I know 

End of Morning Circle 
Early morning waking, as the dawn is breaking
Shines the golden sun
The day has now begun
Arise, arise, arise

Before Main Lesson Verse
The sun with loving light
Makes bright for me each day
The soul with spirit power
Gives strength unto my limbs
In sunlight shining clear
I reverence of God
The strength of human kind
That thou so graciously
Has planted in my soul
That I with all my might
May love to work and learn
From thee comes light and strength,
To thee rise love and thanks.


Grace (morning tea)
The world is good to me
And so I thank the world
For giving me the things I need
The sun, the rain and the apple seed
Oh the world is good to me

End of morning tea (going out to play)
Guarded from harm
Cared for by angels
Here stand we
Loving and strong
Truthful and good

Grace (lunch)

For the golden corn
For the apples on the tree
For the golden butter and the honey for our tea
For fruits and nuts and berries that grow beside the way
For birds and beasts and flowers
We thank thee every day.

End of Lunch (going out to play)
The earth is firm beneath my feet
The sun shines bright above
Here I stand so straight and strong
All things to know and love

End of Day
My work today has ended
What I have learned will rest
When I have done my very best
Wisdom, strength and love will grow
And I shall bless all those I know


For getting the room a little quieter

A wise old owl
Lived in an oak
The more he saw
The less he spoke
The less he spoke
The more he heard
Why can’t we be
Like that wise old bird

Class One 


Class one is the first term in the students’ class-teacher years, and there are lots of routines to set up as well as it being a very busy term in terms of learning as well.  Students’ first main lesson is form drawing where they explore straight and curved lines – a precursor to writing the letters which is the second main lesson – the Alphabet.  To finish the term, we introduce the numbers to 12. Even if they can count much further, students still need to be able to count objects accurately, as well as matching the name of the number with its symbol, which is not such an easy task, as anyone who has learned a language such as Chinese would be able to attest to.  In craft, students are doing some finger knitting before turning their hands to sewing when they start to make their recorder bags for use next term. 

The Class 1 curriculum brings many imaginative stories to the students – mainly nature stories and fairy tales – and one of the favourites so far has been the story of Satchkin Patchkin, a little green magic man who lives like a leaf on Mother Farthing’s apple tree.  He has had many adventures with Mother Farthing – always prevailing against the ‘lean man, the mean man, the man without a smile (the farmer)’.  These stories are from the book, Satchkin Patchkin by Helen Morgan and you can still find copies of it second hand.  It is a lovely telling of the story, with rich descriptive language, and making use of repetition and rhyme – perfect for this level.  Whether the story is from the teacher’s imagination, a Grimm’s fairy tale or a nature story, each day a new story is told after students have reviewed the story from the day before and completed their book work related to the story from the day before that.  This forms a three-day cycle which is used in most main lessons in Class 1; students have time to ‘digest’ the story before working with the content. 

In the afternoons students have library, craft, folk dance and (after swimming finishes) a local area walk.  This leaves room for some French, form drawing, painting, music and practise lessons mainly between recess and lunch.  It is a full, rich program and the class is very much looking forward to the year.