Class Six


This term Class six will be introduced to Physics. They will be studying Temperature, Light and Sound. As part of this Main Lesson students observe and participate in lots of experiments that look at the conduction of heat, the effect of cold on movement, complementary colours, white light, sound waves and vibrations. The second Main Lesson entails stories from Ancient Greece. Grammar will be studied in the context of this epoch and students will be introduced to the ideas that the Ancient Greeks are famous for, such as democracy, philosophy and architecture. The final Main Lesson for this term is going to be Business Maths. In this topic students will be introduced to calculating percentages and will revise fractions and decimals. They are already preparing a fundraising project to undertake in this Main Lesson. There are lots of other activities going on this term, most importantly the Horse Riding Camp in Week 5. This camp compliments Australian History and Geography that will be studied later in the year. It is a favourite of past students and gives the students an opportunity to embrace their local environment.