Morning verse

I look into the world,
In which the sun is shining,
In which the stars are gleaming,
In which the stones are lying.
The plants they live and grow,
The beasts they feel and live,
And we to spirit give,
A dwelling in our soul.

I look into my soul that living dwells in me,
Lights spirit lives and weaves,
In light of sun and soul,
In heights of worlds without,
In depths of soul within.
To thee of spirit of light,
I seeking turn myself,
That strength and grace and skill
For living and for work,
In me may live and grow.


Afternoon verse

Quiet I bear within me
I bear within myself
Forces to make me strong
Now will I be imbued
With their glowing warmth
Now will I fill myself
With my own will’s resolve
And I will feel the quiet
Pouring through all my being
When, by my steadfast striving
I become strong
To find within myself
The source of strength
The strength of inner quiet.

Class Six

TERM 3 Overview

During Term 3, Class 6 will be introduced to magnetism and electricity. We will look at the history of these concepts; when they were discovered and how. We will then create magnets out of iron nails, produce static electricity by removing electrons from different objects and work towards making simple circuits with batteries and light bulbs. In our second main lesson we are going to produce a play based on Ancient Rome. This will require the students to learn a large swathe of lines but more importantly, work on their enunciation, expression and cooperation skills. Towards the end of the term we are going to start the process of learning algebra. The students have already used algebra but may not realise it. For example, 7 + ? = 23 is a simple algebraic equation. Now it is time for more complicated problems. Amongst these wonderful and rich lessons will be cross country skiing, an overnight astronomy camp under the stars and lots of practice sessions to revise what we have learnt earlier in the year.