Morning Verse
The Sun with Loving Light,
Makes bright for me each day.
The soul with spirit power,
Gives strength unto my limbs.
In sunlight shining clear,
I reverence oh God.
The strength of human kind,
Which thou so graciously,
Hast planted in my soul.
That I with all my might,
May love to work and learn.
From thee comes light and strength,
To thee rise love and thanks.

Morning Tea Verse
Before the flour, the mill,
Before the mill, the grain,
Before the grain, the sun, the earth the rain,
The beauty of our will.

Lunch Verse
Earth who gives to us this food
Sun that makes it ripe and good
Dearest earth, dearest sun
Thanks to you we give each one
Blessings on our lunch.
Home Verse
Guarded from harm
Cared for by angels
Here we stand loving and strong
Truthful and good.

Class Three


It has been a very calm start to the year for Class 3. The children have begun a literature main lesson learning about Creation stories. This will be followed by maths measurement and then the Class play. With the very warm weather the children have been keen to get into the pool for swimming lessons and are enjoying Bothmer Gym with Lou Jenkins. Nimble fingers are working on craft bags and quickly learning to do blanket stitch. The vegetable garden is growing like Jack’s beanstalk. There were many squeals of excitement when they saw how big everything had grown. We have an exciting year ahead with camps, farming, building projects, various excursions and incursions. What a wonderful year we have to look forward to.