Morning Verse
The Sun with Loving Light,
Makes bright for me each day.
The soul with spirit power,
Gives strength unto my limbs.
In sunlight shining clear,
I reverence oh God.
The strength of human kind,
Which thou so graciously, 
Hast planted in my soul.
That I with all my might,
May love to work and learn. 
From thee comes light and strength, 
To thee rise love and thanks.

Morning Tea Verse
Before the flour, the mill,
Before the mill, the grain,
Before the grain, the sun, the earth the rain,
The beauty of our will.

Lunch Verse
Earth who gives to us this food
Sun that makes it ripe and good
Dearest earth, dearest sun
Thanks to you we give each one
Blessings on our lunch. 

Home Verse
Guarded from harm
Cared for by angels
Here we stand loving and strong
Truthful and good.

Class Two


This term Class 2 will start with a mathematics main lesson, continuing to understand place value and moving from the horizontal to vertical layout of addition and subtraction problems. The students will represent these in narrative and pictorial form and work with manipulatives/concrete materials to understand borrowing. They will continue to practise mental arithmetic, play maths games and work with their times tables and the four processes daily.

In our World Legends main lesson, the students hear stories from around the world that draw on the rich heritage of diverse cultural traditions. These stories speak about human striving, the gaining of wisdom and people’s relationship with the natural world as it was visioned and understood in different historical times. Through these stories students continue to build a bank of sight words, develop word attack skills, and continue to learn a variety of phonic patterns through word families.

We will finish the term hearing stories about  different saints – people who embodied the highest potential of human nature. These saints were historical figures who had such an impact in the world they became legends. They had a remarkable connection to the spiritual and animal world and will provide inspiration to the students through their selfless nature and how they spent their lives performing good deeds.