Governance & Management - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria

Governance & Management

Mansfield Steiner Governance Committee

The Governance Committee holds legal responsibility for the activities of the School. It meets on the third Monday of each month to consider and decide on any issues of School Governance. This group is legally responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the School, and is the final decision-maker. Day to day management of the school is delegated to the Principal and the School Leadership Team.

The current Governance Committee members as elected in May 2018:


  • Sarah Lieber

Vice President

  • John Bowen


  • Tim Ross


  • Andrew Karzons


  • Scott Ersvaer
  • Catherine Yencken
  • Maaike Steiner
  • Peter Valerio

Please direct any correspondence to the Secretary at

School Management Sub Committees

The following Subcommittees meet & report directly to the Governance Committee each month. Membership of the following committees is open to any member of the School Community and reviewed at the first committee meeting after the Annual General Meeting in May each year. Please contact the School if you are interested in joining any of them.

School Finance Committee

Reviews school financial reports. Supports the Operations Manager. Investigate costings for new initiatives and capital works. Reviews & develops policy in areas of finance, fees and collections.

Gardens & Grounds Committee

Conducts regular safety inspections throughout the School & Kindergarten. Review and identifies OH&S issues. Facilitates capital works as required. Reviews & develops policy in areas of buildings & grounds, OHS, Emergency Management.

Marketing Committee

Marketing, Publicity & Publications. Develops marketing strategies; reviews and develops school and kindergarten handbooks, journal and other publications. Works closely with Parents & Friends on school community issues, volunteers and school events. Actively seeks engagement and participation in the wider community. Reviews & develops policy in areas of community relations, publicity, volunteers.

Staff, Recruitment and Wellbeing Committee

All issues of staff employment and welfare, annual appraisals & performance management. Policy review & development in these areas.

School Management Constituted Bodies

School Leadership Team

Responsible for oversight of all management, pedagogical and welfare functions of the school.

The College

Student welfare, support and discipline, curriculum, reporting, teacher professional development and pedagogy. Updates policy in these areas.

Parent & Friends Committee

Facilitates craft group, social activities and fundraising.


Download the Constitution HERE