History - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria


Steiner HistorySteiner HistorySteiner HistorySteiner History
The Mansfield Steiner School began in 1986 with a small group of children in a parent-built mudbrick room in Maindample. This venture came about as a result of the vision and dedication of two local teachers who wanted to provide their own children with a Steiner education in a country environment.

In the early days the parents carried the enormous task of building, developing, maintaining and running the School without government support or funding. Later the School received formal registration and some government funding although voluntary labour and fundraising continued to be vital to the ongoing success of the school as it is today.

By 1996 the School had outgrown the Maindample site and with a successful application for capital funding the decision was made to move into Mansfield. Over the years a series of building programs has helped build and develop the beautiful and well resourced school we have today.

The introduction of Class 7 in 2008 and Class 8 the following year was a major step in the development of the School.

We begin each new School year with a simple and beautiful assembly in the School’s ‘Melliodora’ hall. The Class One children are welcomed with singing and the gift of a rose brought to them by the Class 7&8 students. The rose filled archway in the hall stands as a symbol; the beginning of new journey for the Class 1 children who will travel through the school over the next eight years. The same arch is used at the Class 8 graduation at the end of the year as the students embark on their further education in Secondary School.

Today our School still relies heavily on its many dedicated families who contribute in so many ways to the life, depth and richness of our School. The people involved in the past still hold a connection to the School and look for opportunities to help and support the School wherever possible.

In 2016 the school single streamed four classes – Classes 1 to6  and 7 & 8 remaining composite classes. In 2018 the school plans to offer Year 9, signifying the growth and development of the school over recent years. The future looks optimistic and inspirational for the Mansfield Steiner School.