The bright and warm start to 2023 has seen the beginning of a fully-fledged IBDP senior school community. Sharing guardian time, a homeroom, and a few of their classes, the sense of connectedness and vigour has certainly grown with two-year groups approaching the program.

Last week, all the Year 12s submitted their Extended Essay drafts right on schedule – BRAVO! This submission is a significant milestone and their hard work here will put them in very good stead for the upcoming individual subject internal assessments.

In Theory of Knowledge and Social and Cultural Anthropology both year groups, the Year 11s have shared some of their initial research findings – such as key quotes related to important anthropological concepts – and the 12s have used these stimuli to recall and revise elements covered last year.

Moving forwards, we will be looking at Anthropology of the Body: how we modify our bodies and why; the symbolic nature of how we present ourselves; how we use our bodies to teach social norms. As well, the 11s and myself are embarking on a positive habit building project of their own choosing to engage with Lent. We will be considering the cultural, spiritual and social rituals that exist to support us in leading healthy lives.

The Year 12s are about to change works in Literature, moving into examination of Sophocles’ Antigone and Kamila Shamsie’s contemporary interpretation of this text from antiquity: Home Fire.

This image is a collective collage from our current unit, constructed in response to individual analyses of NoViolet Bulawayo’s short stories about a Zimbabwe in crisis across the early 2000s.