Lara Purcell

Sep 8, 2021


My artworks are all linked by themes of fantasy, folklore, and mythology.  I was inspired by my childhood, from the shelves of beautifully sketched picture books on all manner of fae, fairies and monsters that my mother has collected since her childhood.  I have vivid memories of her reading tales of giants with eiderdowns made of clouds and wicked pixies that bewitched stray travellers to dance for eternity in their forests.  The illustrations in these books were phenomenal, and in galleries that my mother drags me to yearly still to this day, it was the art pieces with narrative and stories that appealed to me the most.  Storytelling in art is incredibly appealing to me, and an integral part of fantasy, which is essentially myths and legends that have been passed down through stories for generations.  Growing up, my nan always loved watercolour and sketching, two of my favourite mediums.  It was this constant exposure and open-adoration of art that’s surrounded me always and encouraged my own love of it.  Artists such as Jeremiah Morelli, and the illusionist Jacek Yerka also influenced my work and my growing connection to fantasy in art.