Mansfield Steiner School celebrates 30 years at Open Day – article Mansfield Courier

Mansfield Steiner School is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and is determined to make this Open Day one of the best yet.

Turning thirty is a significant milestone in anyone’s life, it a time to acknowledge that one is truly an adult, it is a time to reflect on past achievements, admit the struggles and recognise the many accomplishments and make plans for the future and so it for Mansfield Steiner School. Mansfield Steiner School is very proud of bringing quality Steiner Education to the Mansfield District and is very excited about extending to Year 9 and beyond in 2018.

Everyone is invited to the Open Day. The school would like to showcase its many strengths to the community – providing delicious wholesome and organic food, musical performances, story telling, vignettes of plays, all sorts of performances including puppet plays and lots of children’s activities, handiwork and book stalls and a school tour. All classrooms will be open for the public to visit and teacher will be available to talk about the Steiner curriculum and the daily routines of their classrooms.

The highlight of the day will be the opening of “Everyone’s an Artist “exhibition. All members of the school community, past and present, are invited to display their creative efforts, in any medium, in the Melliodora Hall. Cathy Bennetts-Cash, former student of the school and Education and Public Programs Curator at Benalla art gallery, will judge the winners of the various categories. There will be an opportunity to purchase some of the artworks if the artist is not too attached to their work. The exhibition coincides with the Spring Arts festival and the school would like to thank the Mansfield Arts Council for supporting this inaugural event.


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