Mani Foubister

Sep 8, 2021


My work is focused on the land, inspired by a love of the landscape of the places I have lived in. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic people worldwide have turned to the land as a source of relief as we are confined in lockdowns or are faced with the damage wrought to our communities. However, overriding the pandemic is Climate Change and the threat our environment is facing as a consequence of our mistreatment of it. I feel that society often teaches us this idea of separatism from the land and that we neglect to recognise that we are reliant on the health of our environment for everything, from food and water to the locations of our homes and communities. My artworks are driven by this idea of dependence on the land. They are intended as a homage to the landscapes depicted in each work, to capture the connection and dependence I feel to them. I hope that they will gently remind the viewer of the role the land plays in their own lives and this shared experience we have through it. On a similar level I hope the exhibition is able to alter the perspective of the viewer, however slightly, so that they leave the exhibition with a heightened appreciation for the world they live in.