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The Future Q & A

We are very proud to have the acting CEO of Steiner Education Australia, Virginia Moller joining us to discuss the STEINER EDUCATION for the 21st CENTURY and STEINER SECONDARY EDUCATION. This is a great opportunity to ask all of the questions you may have about Steiner Education. Steiner Education is celebrating 100 years of existence in 2019. Mansfield Steiner School ...
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Prep – Come and Try Day 17th October

Experience a Steiner education. Learn through rhythm, routine and reverence. Come and share a morning with your child and discover how the structured Prep program supports your child to grow. For more information PHONE 03 5779 1445 ...
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Year Nine – 2018

Year 9 offers a diverse, exhilarating and academically rigorous curriculum, designed to develop every individual. With the framework taken from the Australian Steiner Curriculum, there will be a key focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, where students will participate in a wide range of engaging main lessons and experiences. Each subject will build their interest in ...
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What is AIM?

AIM is the method used for teaching French at the Mansfield Steiner School - read the article below to find out more. Click here ...
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Please join us next Monday evening 13th February at 7pm as our panel of experts answer all your questions about Steiner Education. ALL WELCOME! ...
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Prep – Rosa Mundi come and try day – 7th February 9am.

Why Play is Children's Work? If you walk into the Rosa Mundi Prep room at Mansfield Steiner School you will see children playing; may be with wooden blocks, making a cubby out of the furniture, arranging wishing stones or wearing costumes. The teacher, Ariel, will be singing at the table, chopping fruit or mixing muffins. What you will not see ...
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