4th May, 10.00am

Mark your calendar for our annual Venilale Bike Ride, all funds raised will go to support our partner school Uai Laco in Timor Leste.

Previous fundraising has allowed them to purchase a speaker for the school sound system, a printer, and an external hard drive.

More recent fundraising has been allocated to the purchase of much-needed sporting equipment and uniforms.

We sometimes take our situation for granted and focus on what we want rather than showing gratitude for the good fortune that has been bestowed upon us, allowing us to live a comfortable and fulfilling life in a vibrant and beautiful part of Australia. By taking up the challenge of riding to Maindample on the 4th May, we can receive many benefits of – family enjoyment, fitness and the knowledge that our efforts are greatly appreciated by a striving school in a developing country.  

To register contact: [email protected] or call 03 5779 1445
Entry fee: $15 individual, $25 couple, $40 family – includes BBQ. 
Never underestimate the positive effect you can have on others’ lives.