Class One have continued observing the natural world around them in their Counting and Grouping Main Lesson, hearing stories of local animals and First Nations stories depicting animals and children who collect treasures, sort and arrange them in clever patterns. They have hopped along as wallabies nibbling grass to learn to count by 2s and wriggled as cautious lizards checking over their shoulders as they learnt to count by 3s. They have worked with the days of the week months of the year and will create calendars matching the four traditional seasons to the traditional Taungurung seasons to finish off the Main Lesson. To recognise Reconciliation Action Week, the children used their knowledge of Taungurung animal names in counting songs and learnt to name many body parts using Taungurung names. They carefully traced and cut out colourful hands to add to the whole school’s Sea of Hands and explored the concept of ‘from little things, big things grow’, as well as baking delicious wattle seed jam drop biscuits, using ground wattle seed and homemade school-plum jam.