Class 3 travelledto Greenwood Orchard in Merrigum for their three-day farm camp as part of their farming and gardening main lesson. Linton Greenwood generously allowed us to camp and use the facilities on his property and took us on a tour of the orchard and the packing and juicing plant. He explained to the class about biodynamic farming and how he has followed in his family footsteps by growing fruit without chemicals.

We all tasted the delicious apples and pears straight from the trees and drank the tasty juice with dinner.    

The following day we headed off to The Kyabram Camel Milk Dairy and learntabout the benefits of camel milk. The class hand fed the mother and baby camels before they were let out to roam and graze. The mothers must have their babies with them to let down milk, so the calves share their milk with the dairy farmers for 18 months! 

The class then went to visit a biodynamic cow dairy run by Mark Petersen and Rob and Rory Shepherd. It was an opportunity to bring the cows in, watch the milking process and learn about how the cows are raised. Everyone enjoyed a drink of tasty milk. 

Our final day was a visit to Mark Rathbone’s vegiepatch where he grows various biodynamic vegetables for the markets of Melbourne. 

It was a wonderful camp and even with the much-wanted rain, we had lots of fun learning so much about sustainable farming practices and meeting such passionate hard working people.