ALL STUDENTS please meet in your classroom prior to assembly.  Parents wishing to stay for assembly, please go straight to the Melliodora Hall.  Class One students and their parents please go to the north side of the hall. Class 2 to 10 students will arrive at the hall in their class groups, thank you. A parent morning tea will be held following assembly – All welcome.   

Please go directly to your classrooms to meet teachers and greet new and old friends.  Once your child is settled parents are invited to attend the morning tea following the assembly up at the Melliodora Hall. 

PLAYGROUP will be held each Monday of the school term, 9.30-11.30am, commencing on Monday 4th February. Jane Nealon is our playgroup facilitator.  All parents and friends are welcome to attend with infants and children up to 3 ½  years of age. There is no cost involved but please bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea.

For school finishing times, student waiting areas and traffic flow and safety precautions, please check HERE