To Parents and Friends,

We don’t see things as they are
We see things as we are
Anais Nin

Our attitudes shape our lives, behaviours, experiences and profoundly affect other people. We have all had the experience of being around someone who is in a bad mood or has a negative attitude to life. Of all behaviours, it is our attitude that leaves the most lasting impression. It is our thoughts that cause unhelpful or negative attitudes, it is our thoughts which feed anxiety.

If you want to think and feel differently, it is liberating to think that:
*Your thoughts are not inevitable.
*Your thoughts are self-made.
*Thoughts affect mood – not the other way around.

Our school community is made up of diverse belief systems and backgrounds, but we all share one essential thing in common; we want the best for our children.

We want the children at our school to have purposeful and interesting lives; we want them to be the best they can be – this doesn’t mean that there won’t be difficulties along the way, but to get them to this point we must be worthy role models as well as to support others to be great role models.

We want our children to have an unhurried childhood; which means not exposing them to unnecessary violence and grim news stories. I encourage everyone to use parental guidance on movies, games and television shows. It is disappointing to hear children discussing an inappropriate T.V. programme or film in class time. There is plenty of time in later years to watch these programmes.

We need to be aware of the world that we as adults are creating and leaving for our children and grandchildren. It is not up to our children to fix an ailing environment but up to us to think about reducing our consumption, or just thinking about the impact our lifestyle choices are having on the earth. For example: take away coffee cups are one of the five biggest pollutants now, 500 billion cups are thrown away each year. The cups are not paper, they are made up of polyethylene which lines the insides to make them waterproof. They can’t be recycled; in fact, they can contaminate a bin of recyclable material causing the whole bin to be discarded. The answer is not to go without the coffee but to use a Keeper Cup.

The school is also trying to reduce the amount of traffic around the school, by encouraging staff, parents and students to walk, ride, bus or carpool to school. On Friday, March 22nd it is Ride to School Day and we want to send out a challenge that we have an empty car park that day – both Visitor and Staff.

As a community, we also have lots to celebrate at the moment. Many of our students have recently represented the district in swimming and mountain bike riding. In the first mountain bike competition held last week, our school came third overall in the schools’ division. Let us celebrate our wonderful community at the Harvest Dance this Friday night.

Fran Cummins