We’ve been harvesting corn with Class 5 students and showing them how to check when the corn is ready. (Pull back leaves gently from top to expose kernels, then push thumbnail into the kernel.  If the fluid is clear, the corn is not ready, if the fluid is creamy, corn is ripe and ready to harvest).

We harvested enough corn for lunch and then the students were shown how to prepare the cobs for the kitchen.  (Snap or cut off base close to cob and strip leaves off, leaving a thin layer of leaves just to protect corn kernels.  The outer leaves can be composted or dried and used to make corn dollys in craft with craft teacher Lou.)  We will save some corn for next year’s seed – that’s another lesson.  Hopefully, we can stagger the harvest, so it lasts for 5 meals.  After clearing the garden bed, we will dig in some compost and plant a green manure crop, ready for the next crop. 

– Pat Dowling, Garden & Grounds Coordinator