PARENT AND CAREGIVER Information Evenings with Melanie Deefholts

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Tue 12 October @ 7pm
Classes 1-6

We will explore the unfolding of the feeling of life between 8-12 years old as it awakens and becomes independent of the parents and caregivers. The feelings thoughts and deeds of the community shape a foundation for emotional capacities as adults. What lives in our feeling life in those times? What is the soul food that can nourish our children’s unfolding development?

Wed 13 October @ 7pm
Classes 7-12

We help to recognise the relevant depth and progression anthroposophy brings to this important aspect of life and the responsibility of community in raising children and working together to promote individual wellbeing. We look at how and when we work with adolescents to bring the understanding of sexuality and gender in relation to where they are in their consciousness. This brings harmony between the evolving body and inner experiences that sets the ground for healthy adult experiences.