Mansfield Steiner School has been awarded the 2018 Best ResourceSmart School in the Hume Region. Mansfield Mayor, Harry Westendorp, presented the award on Friday at the school assembly. 

Throughout 2018 the students sorted their waste into a five-coloured bin system, harvested and processed cardboard for the worm farms, made compost, spread mulch, cared for the chickens and bees, planted indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses, planted and harvested vegetables, conducted litter audits, created energy switch off signs for lights and power points, joined in the Aussie Backyard Bird survey, searched for frogs, looked for water creatures, made paper bin liners, learned how to make eco-friendly Christmas wrapping and much more! Each class had a different job to do as well as all students having the opportunity to be part of the lunchtime sustainability club.

Students were very proud to receive this award as an acknowledgement of all their hard work. They are looking forward to their sustainability endeavours this year with lots of new ideas to explore and projects to complete.