www.plasticfreejuly.orgYes, it’s Plastic Free July again.  Back in 2011 Plastic Free July began in a humble way in Western Australia and from there it has moved on to a worldwide campaign.

It was only last year with the pending withdrawal of plastic bags from supermarkets, that concerns centred around what would we put our rubbish in if we didn’t have a shopping bag to line our bin and could we remember to bring our shopping bags with us each time? Thankfully, we have seamlessly moved on from this and are starting to focus on minimising other bits of plastic that creep into our lives. 

Fortunately, in Mansfield, we have three places (Wholefoods Harvest, All Things Natural & Organic and High Country Fresh) where we can practice some pre-cycling by buying bulk goods like flour, pasta, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. The first two places also stock many other bits and pieces to help reduce our reliance on plastic, from wax wraps to metal clothes pegs. It is well worth having a meander to see what they have. 

Our supermarkets also stock a myriad of other environmentally friendly products as well as non-plastic water bottles and lunch boxes. More locally, one of our Class 6 students, made and sold some produce bags last term to fundraise for her cause. The bags were really well made and I wish I had had the foresight to purchase some more for gifting. Well done Isobel, it was a great idea and beautifully done.

If you need inspiration for going plastic-free, have a look at the Plastic Free July website. There are lots of stories from people who have chosen to minimise their plastic waste and there’s a challenge you can sign up to as well.