Thank you to everyone who supported our 2019 Ride for Venilale fundraising event. 

The ride raised $735.00 for our sister school, Uai Laco.

David Foster (Mansfield Friends of Venilale) responded as follows to the news: That’s wonderful! Congratulations to Mansfield Steiner School for this continuing initiative and to everyone who participated. We hope to fit in a trip out to Uai Laco Junior High School in July. It’s fairly isolated but the road has been improved so it’s not so hair-raising (one time the road had completely collapsed, another time involved multiple creek crossings). Given the funds you have raised we will ask the school what their latest needs are and try to match them with the total amount. Annie and I were impressed with the number of people who turned out given the somewhat chilly and occasionally dampish conditions.

Photo courtesy of Ross Vaughan (Chair of the GVRT)