Year 7’s returned from their Art and Abseiling Camp somewhat exhausted but with smiles and positive reports of good fun times. It would have been a daunting experience being at the bottom of the age range and we are proud of their engagement, behaviour, and resilience that they exhibited while away. Year 8 also enjoyed their first-ever Art Camp as they missed out last year due to COVID-19. They were incredibly grateful for the camp and enjoyed every minute.

Many play scripts were packed but I’m not sure how many lines were rehearsed. They will continue with their Play Main Lesson with the performance being on Fri 14th May – parents welcome to attend (current COVID-19 guidelines apply). Year 9 were the ultimate leaders on the Art Camp to Mt Buffalo last week and enjoyed teaching the younger student’s best practice outdoor skills. They were incredibly helpful around camp with cooking, tent setup, and group management. They have returned with enthusiasm, eager to continue work on their clay heads.

Kate Hood