What an enormously exciting term we have ahead in the Secondary School. Next week our Year 10’s head off on their cultural exchange to first Wadeye and Litchfield NP in the Northern Territory and then on to sailing the Whitsundays in QLD. They will travel together and experience all the wonders of the ‘top end’. We look forward to sharing with you experiences from their travels along the way. Next Monday our Year 7, 8, and 9’s head to Mount Buffalo for their week-long Art and Rockclimbing Camp. It is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the beauty and wonder of our natural world, apply their Art skills in nature, and build resilience under guided challenges by facing some fears on the rockface. All while developing and practicing social and emotional regulation in a group of peers. They will no doubt be exhausted upon their return. Our first Main Lesson cycle will be spread over the first four weeks taking into account the camp. Year 7 are exploring Arthurian Literature. An incursion group will visit in early May to help bring to life the medieval times and offer interactive activities for the students to engage with.

Having completed their Shakespeare Main Lesson last term, Year 8 is flying right into rehearsals and the Class Play Main Lesson. Students will be learning lines, drilling scenes, and working on all the backstage essentials for a successful production such as painting sets, creating costumes, and making music. Let’s break a leg! Year 9 begin the somewhat daunting and reflective Main Lesson of Clay Heads. This Main Lesson offers up the complicated task of creating their own clay bust intended to be a true representation of themselves. They will no doubt enjoy the challenge. We look forward to diving into these Main Lessons and the term ahead with renewed enthusiasm and sense of excitement. It is incredibly fulfilling and a great privilege to be able to offer educational trips out into the world after what our students have endured over the past 12 months.

Kate Hood
Secondary Coordinator.