As the school grows so does the art programme, and this year we have four different year levels involved in a range of creative activities. All classes in our school incorporate art-making in their daily teaching, but the secondary art classes focus on developing technical skills and visual ‘literacy’. Secondary art students have a double period per week and usually spend at least a week or two, possibly more, working their way through specific projects. Each activity is linked to an overarching theme for the term that incorporates a range of skills and concepts that are in accordance with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The exception is the year 11 art class that follows the curriculum prescribed by the International Baccalaureate, stay tuned for more information on this soon!

“The forces of fantasy which previously lived in imagination had not been the child’s own. They came to the child rather than from the child. In adolescence, these forces are transformed into forces of intelligence or practical abilities. When the imagination arises after puberty, it has a new quality, that of individuality.”

Betty Staley, Between Form and Freedom

Year 7 are learning all about the elements of visual design, unpacking the universal language of art. They are creating a poster using the instrumental drawing equipment and these new skills will be needed as they move on to explore perspective drawing later this term. The selected tasks address the student’s increasing desire to draw naturalistically.

Drawing is central to art education and the Year 8 students have begun working their way through a series of activities based on optical illusions. Year 9 are being introduced to all the drawing styles so that they can experience the benefits and drawbacks of each one and expand their repertoire of skills. They will look to the Renaissance for inspiration, learning how famous artists used light and dark to great effect.