Parent Involvement - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria

Parent Involvement

Children benefit most from an education that reflects the values of their family and home life. Parents are encouraged to take an interest in what is happening in the classroom and support the teacher in their work with the children.

In addition to our children enjoying a vigorous and creative education the school also presents many and varied opportunities for parents and friends to learn and grow. Many positive experiences can be had by helping with fundraising & school events like working bees, festivals and sporting carnivals. Our Open Day in October, that is largely parent organised, is a reflection of the commitment and support enjoyed by our school. The assistance of parents is highly valued and helps to build and maintain a highly supportive community at the school, as well as helping to keep fees as low as possible.

There are also many opportunities to be involved in the Governance & Management of the School (please refer to our Governance & Management page).

Parents and Friends

The P&F Group organise social events; fund-raising activities including catering for school events; coffee mornings and supportive activities; working bees; the craft group and help to improve and maintain the playground and garden.

P&F meetings are open to all members of the school community. Meetings  are held once a month for 30-60min.  See our calendar or ‘The Messenger’ for meeting dates & times.

If you would like to join the P&F or view the latest P&F news and activities please contact the school office for contact details of P&F members.  The P&F also hold a contact list for all current Parent Class Representatives.

P&F Craft Group

The P&F Craft group meets once a week on Thursdays evenings 7-9pm at a parents house (only during school term). Please refer to ‘The Messenger’ weekly for more details. The group makes beautiful handcrafts for the children at our school. They work together to repair or make toys for the children, make toys to sell at markets or at our Open Day. The group is an opportunity to socialise, share skills, ideas and patterns, and give parents the opportunity to learn how to make toys and gifts for their children.

Other Parent groups meet at the School on a regular basis such as the ‘Pondering Steiner’ study group. Refer to ‘The Messenger’ for more details.