Class Six have begun their new Main Lesson in Business Maths by escaping their harsh existence as Roman subjects without citizenship.

In the darkness of night, they set sail out of the port of Pompeii. After four days of sailing, they found themselves in a terrifying storm which caused them to become shipwrecked.
Fortunately, they have all made it safely to a deserted island off Greece.
It is here that they have used their professions to provide the necessities for life. They have established a new society and are now building a thriving economy.

The baker Burneyus Discipulus Helena, fisherman Grayus Illustro Xavos and Shepard Danielus Vivus Alistus are selling lots of food.
The carpenter Mathewus Dux Maximus can barely keep up with all the houses he has promised to people as payment for goods prior to the creation of money. Money has been created and the banker Ploschus Dexteritas Billos is seeing increasing business as the interest rate is high and some community members are taking advantage of this.

All community members have been working hard including: Doctor Andersonus Lecto Ivonus, Weaver Birthiselus Artificiosus Addos, Farmer Bowenos Sportius Coltonicus, Merchant Brownus Pictura Declanos, Woodswoman Brownus Scriptor Phoebeus, Shopkeeper Edwardus Diligens Emmos, Smith Dougallus Ortus Willus, Miller Ingeniosus Molitor Rious, Artist Reedus Laetus Jemmus, Tailor Saladinus Gemma Alexus and Lawyer Willimus Viator Tomasus.

Tom Howard
Class Six teacher (Term 2)