Verse to Begin Morning Circle
Down is the earth
Up is the sky
Here are my friends
And here am I
Verse to End Morning Circle
Birds in the air
Fishes in the sea
Stones on the land
i’m in safe hands

Leaving for the table
Morning has come, night is away
Rise with the sun and welcome the day
Good morning boys and girls
Good morning everyone

Morning Tea Verse
Blessings on the blossom
And blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaf and stem
And blessing on the root

Lunch Verse
For sun and rain and grass and grain
For all who toil on sea and soil
For all in our heavens we thank thee

Rest time Verse
Now the sun has gone to bed
The stars are shining overhead
In their nests the birds all sleep
Into their homes the snails will creep
Children now no more will roam
Its rest time now and we’re safe in our home

End of Day Verse
The earth is firm beneath my feet
The sun shines bright above
And here stand I so straight and strong
All things to know and love

Rosa Mundi Prep

TERM 3 Overview

In Term 3 the Rosa Mundi prep class experience great transformation within themselves and the environment around them. We will begin the term with a deep and thorough winter experience. At school the children embrace the beauty of winter through song, story and activity whilst our garden is damp, dull and cold. We sing of King Winter, dressing warmly, building snowmen and admiring gentle snowflakes falling. There will be stories of warm mittens and How the Snow Became White, while we cut magnificent snowflakes to grace our windows. With great anticipation we visit Mt Stirling and witness the magic of snow in all of it splendour which contrass with the harshness of bitter cold. The children rally together as a group as we learn to ski, play games and build our own snowmen. Lots of laughs, tears and excitement will be shared as we overcome the difficulty of falling over and learning how to get back up on our skis,  all by ourselves, in order to whizz down the trails at Mt Stirling. Immense confidence grows, with pride in our efforts and abilities.

This confidence is shared at school as we learn how to wash all of our dishes after morning tea. New favourites are embraced on the menu as we welcome rice pudding and cheesy millet bake. There are so many great recipes that can be shared with eager little chefs.

Contented children with warm full belies discover the importance of rugging up with coats and boots before heading outside, and where it is best to play when it is raining. They play in the rain, sing of the rain and dry or warm themselves by the fire when needed. The children will ponder the story of Father Suns Holiday as they long for spring to come.

The class will visit the school library for the first time this term and learn for themselves where our basket of marvellous rest time books come from. With Bec the librarian, they will hear fabulous tales, share books with their friends and play clever games. Our craftwork reaches a frantic pace as the children eagerly work to complete their library bags so that they may borrow books to take home themselves. They become confident in stitching neatly and carefully choose colours to decorate their work.

When skiing finishes we will begin to visit assembly on Friday afternoons and continue to walk and collect kindling for the classroom fire from the big school forest.

Then as if by magic, the seasons change and before we know it we are embracing the warmth of the sun again and admiring the spring bulbs as they appear in our garden. The leaves burst forth in beautiful shades of green as they begin to return to the trees and we start to spot the violets, daffodils, snowdrops and blossoms on the apple trees. Stories and songs of the Prince and Princess of spring, warm our hearts as we prepare for a marvellous Spring Festival, with garlands on our heads and dancing to warm the soul we celebrate the end of term.