Verse to Begin Morning Circle
Down is the earth
Up is the sky
Here are my friends
And here am I
Verse to End Morning Circle
Birds in the air
Fishes in the sea
Stones on the land
i’m in safe hands

Leaving for the table
Morning has come, night is away
Rise with the sun and welcome the day
Good morning boys and girls
Good morning everyone

Morning Tea Verse
Blessings on the blossom
And blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaf and stem
And blessing on the root

Lunch Verse
For sun and rain and grass and grain
For all who toil on sea and soil
For all in our heavens we thank thee

Rest time Verse
Now the sun has gone to bed
The stars are shining overhead
In their nests the birds all sleep
Into their homes the snails will creep
Children now no more will roam
Its rest time now and we’re safe in our home

End of Day Verse
The earth is firm beneath my feet
The sun shines bright above
And here stand I so straight and strong
All things to know and love

Rosa Mundi Prep

TERM 1 Overview

The Rosa Mundi class has begun their year of preparation with great earnest. The children are enjoying the safety and support of a strong rhythm and routine as well as finding this a struggle after the freedom of the holidays. Children are learning to listen to each other and their teacher when instructions or advice is given. They enjoy being apron helpers, washing, drying, sweeping and setting the table for the next activity and knowing that everything has a place in the classroom and in the garden. There is a great sense of achievement in knowing how and where to put everything away. Learning to care for our things, ourselves and our friends is a large portion of the learning in the Rosa Mundi Program. Learning to manage oneself in a new social environment, making new friends whilst being a little hot and tired in a new school environment is a challenge that everyone will rise to, in time. 

The class has had a small introduction to our restorative practice model of problem solving learning to listen, consider others and repair if a mistake has been made. 

The class will be introduced to many seasonal and fairy tales, told each day over a week to allow the goodness of the stories to sit within the child and an opportunity for each to live the story through play. This week we have celebrated one of our diverse class cultures hearing the story of ‘The Monster of Lian’, a traditional Chinese New Year story. Language and movement is combined in our morning circle which will change every three or four weeks. Our first circle has songs and verses of water and the beach, very appropriate so close to many holidays spent by waterways in Australia. The next will focus on the bees and plants in the garden and the last will lead up to Easter holidays with a festival to share the terms work. 

The children have begun to experience the vastness of our creative work. They have met Lou the craft teacher and begun to work the properties of wool, winding it off skeins, twisting, felting and eventually stitching projects together. The have been exploring care for the garden, wax modelling, painting, drawing and other seasonal crafts and arts. The children have experienced games that use their whole body, games that need concentration and thought such as a favourite Goosey, Goosey Gander and finger games that help with brain development and building of our concentration span. 

The introduction to French taught through songs and games has become a highlight of the week as well a swimming, with our long walk to the pool and a restful afternoon. Our program feels very full as everyone is learning the way of the class, feeling the support of the rhythm and the challenge of being social and busy with the head, heart and hands.