Year 7 kicks off the new semester with the Age of Discovery, a Main Lesson focused on some of the early explorers. Students will engage with a number of map-making tasks; looking at some Medieval maps and seeing how they change over time, eventually culminating in a large modern map of the world. We also get a chance to look at some rebellious early explorers, who pushed the boundaries of the known world (and caused the destruction of many people’s lives!).

Year 8 students start Term 3 with a study of the earth’s continental masses and the distinctive physical characteristics of landforms such as rivers, lakes, mountains and volcanos. Students understand the basic formation of specific physical features such as oasis, folding and faulting mountains, deltas and artesian basins. Students examine the journey of the river, its relationship to landform and the way it links cultures – places, people and environments, both international and local.

Years 9 and 10 are combining for the first cycle of main lesson this term. They were to be doing a stage play, but with the uncertainty of remote learning and our reduced hours of rehearsal, they will now be studying Theatre Studies with Josh. They will be tasked with working in groups to create and perform their own sketches that can be enjoyed when we return to school. Different drama techniques and literary devices will be studied to create entertainment upon our return.

Kate Hood
Secondary Coordinator