Secondary - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria



The Secondary School curriculum is designed to encourage the emergence of global citizens. The Main Lesson Structure established in the Primary School years is preserved throughout the Secondary School and students continue to explore a full range of academic subjects in an integrated and creative way. The work of the Secondary School teacher is to present Main Lessons that are thematic, exploratory and which develop judgement and independent, lively and creative thinking within the scope of the subject.

After Main Lesson the rest of the day is dedicated to practice lessons. These lessons include: Mathematics; English, chemistry and biology; visual, art and design, dramatic, choir, musical and movement arts; French; sport and physical education. View the Secondary School CURRICULUM


Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Mansfield Steiner School is much more than bushwalking and camping; it is an integral part our school curriculum. Each camp is essentially an outdoor classroom experience designed to enrich the Main Lesson of which it is a part. The camp program also brings another unique set of learning experiences arising from the challenges and adventures the students meet in the outdoor setting.

It is not about conquering the wilderness but nurturing a connection to and an appreciation of the natural world.

The Outdoor Classroom and Camp curriculum helps students to:

  • Enrich and deepen the Main Lesson content
  • Look outwardly and inwardly
  • Build self-esteem, confidence and self-reliance.
  • Define wants versus needs
  • Develop greater self-awareness in a social context
  • Develop tolerance in a supportive group
  • Gain insight into sustainability



In the secondary school students continue to sing together in class and they have the opportunity to join the school choir. The choice of instruments becomes wider, with some students choosing to branch out to piano, guitar, voice and percussion. Ensembles become more student-directed, which helps the students to feel more passionate about the songs and pieces they are performing. Students can also choose to join the school orchestra. There are many opportunities for students to perform to the school community and to the wider community.


Academic Scholarships

Scholarships reflect our ethos of making our education as accessible as possible. Students benefit from the opportunity to experience the unique qualities of a Mansfield Steiner School secondary education, and the school benefits by attracting students of potential and character to be part of our community and to take our school into the future. Please contact the school for more information.