Secondary - Mansfield Steiner School, Victoria


Year 9 

In Year 9 we offer a diverse, exhilarating and academically rigorous curriculum, designed to develop every individual. With the framework taken from the Australian Steiner Curriculum, there is a key focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, where students participate in a wide range of engaging main lessons and experiences. Each subject builds their interest in the world and enquiry into the questions of humanity and nature. A wide variety of supplementary subjects such as art and music, further allow the students to have a broad range of experiences in all areas of their schooling life.

Year 9 Outdoor Program

The Year 9 Outdoor Program focuses on an embodied sensual experience of engagement with place, self and others. The program has been developed in consultation with several outdoor specialists and specifically seeks to support the developmental stage of the Year 9 student, creating a space for them to appreciate the natural world. Within these journeys the activity is always used as a medium through which to explore relationships with the place, others, and ourselves.

Through these journeys, we deliberately plan to take time, to avoid being busy, as many of the sensory and soulful responses to place and one another, are fragile. The trips are responsive at their very core, and intend through valuing reciprocal interactions with place, to cultivate a deep awareness of others, ourselves and the happenings in the place. A key component of the program is to expose students to a different environment on each trip.

Each trip is also a part of an ongoing process of development of self-sufficiency, bush competence and deep, knowing relationships with place. The areas visited have been chosen, above all, as a beautiful natural places. This is part of a continuing theme of appreciation for and empathy with nature. An important part of achieving this aim is the intentionally uncomplicated nature of each trip; the less gear you carry and the less impact you make, the more receptive you are to the passive lessons the bush has to offer. The way we visit each place is a very specific response to the place itself.


Year 8

Year 8 is regarded as a particularly significant year. As recognition of the student’s maturity and readiness for new challenges the school provides three significant events in the year.

The Year 8 Project

The students undertake a major project that they choose, research and undertake by themselves. They are required to document the process and to present it to a large audience. Each student has the support of a mentor to provide guidance where needed.   Examples of projects undertaken in the past include the restoration of a VW Beetle, building a canoe, making a gown, volunteering in a Thai orphanage and writing & performing an original music score.

The Year 8 Camp

The year 8 Camp is an extended camp that introduces the students to new experiences and requires them to extend themselves both physically & mentally. In previous years camps have been held in Outback NSW, Central Australia and South West Tasmania.

The Year 7/8 Play

In year  7 and 8 the students are beginning to understand and use dramatic expression, technique and devices to express ideas. They are ready to perform longer and more challenging plays. They appreciate the Shakespearean tradition by acting, rehearsing and performing a Shakespeare Play which is presented to the wider community.


In the secondary school students continue to sing together in class and they have the opportunity to join the school choir. The choice of instruments becomes wider, with some students choosing to branch out to piano, guitar, voice and percussion. Ensembles become more student-directed, which helps the students to feel more passionate about the songs and pieces they are performing. Students can also choose to join the school orchestra. There are many opportunities for students to perform to the school community and to the wider community.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships reflect our ethos of making our education as accessible as possible. Students benefit from the opportunity to experience the unique qualities of a Mansfield Steiner School secondary education, and the school benefits by attracting students of potential and character to be part of our community and to take our school into the future. Please contact the school for more information.