What is SteinerEducation?

Steiner education is an integrated, holistic education, designed to provide a balance of intellectual, artistic, imaginative capacities and practical life skills. The Steiner curriculum is based on the unfolding development of the child at each important stage of growth, with a strong emphasis on teaching through the arts and experiential learning. Teachers tell age appropriate stories from the early years through to secondary school. These rich tales of magic, adventure, courage, mythology and culture, ancient wisdom, dreaming stories and biographies assist children’s growing understanding and appreciation of their world, human civilisation and history. Narrative creates living imaginative pictures, providing the foundation for learning across the curriculum. Steiner education encompasses a deep knowledge approach, using balanced and integrated learning strategies. Strong emphasis is placed on teaching through the arts; therefore painting, beeswax and clay modelling, sculpture, speech, poetry, music, drama, the movement art of eurythmy and the artistic process itself, enliven all subjects.

The essence of education is that children should be engaged as fully as possible.

– Sylvia Brose, Founder of Steiner Education in Australia.

Students are encouraged to find their own authentic voice through the development of moral capacities. Nurturing each child’s individual potential is valued within the context of society and in relation to the wider local, national and global spheres of activity.