The Morning Verse

I look into the world 
Wherein there shines the sun 
Wherein there gleam the stars 
Wherein there lie the stones 
The plants they live and grow 
The beasts they feel and live 
And we to spirit gives 
A dwelling in the soul.

I look into the soul 
That living dwells in me 
God’s spirit lives and weaves 
In light of sun and soul
In heights of worlds without 
In depths of soul within.

To thee o Spirit of God, I seek and turn myself, 
That strength and grace and skill 
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.

Year Seven

TREM 1 Overview

This is the first term for Year 7 within the Secondary School, and as such, is a time of orientation for the students. They move away from having a Class teacher for every subject, and start to hone their skills with the aid of specialist teachers. They still have the support and care in the form of a Class Guardian, who meets with them every day. The familiarity of the Main lesson structure is kept, with the first one being Arthurian Literature. This English based Main Lesson sees students straddling the line between myth and reality, by exploring the Arthurian Legend, and life within the Medieval Period. Students will then explore pulleys, gears and screws in their Mechanics Main Lesson. They finish the term off with Geometry, and an exploration into Pythagoras and Fibonacci.

The curriculum within Year 7 speaks to the students need for contrast and their need to be mentally challenged with more abstract concepts. Arthurian Literature provides fulfilment for these two needs, as it has elements of the mystical, mythical, and provides challenging what if questions for students to ponder. Fostering this abstract thinking is vital to challenging and further developing a Year 7 students ability to manipulate the world around them with their thought. Year 7 also marks the introduction of ICT, and digital technology into students’ lives at school. They are given time, and structure to develop the two main skills of typing and mouse control. They further explore the computers, developing an understanding of Operating Systems, and viewing the computer as a tool, similar to a pen or a pencil. They are also challenged with the concept of Algorithms and how they apply to so much more than just computer programming.

 Year 7 has embarked on a number of specialised classes to further develop their skills, such as Art, Physical Education/ Bothmer, Science, ICT, Music and Drama. They continue to study French and start to explore themselves, and their relationships with others in Wellbeing. Year 7 have settled in nicely, and look forward to being challenged further over the course of the year.