The Morning Verse

I look into the world
Wherein there shines the sun
Wherein there gleam the stars
Wherein there lie the stones
The plants they live and grow
The beasts they feel and live
And we to spirit gives
A dwelling in the soul.

I look into the soul
That living dwells in me
God’s spirit lives and weaves
In light of sun and soul
In heights of worlds without
In depths of soul within.

To thee o Spirit of God, I seek and turn myself,
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.



 In Term Two, Year Ten are on their long anticipated cultural exchange, where they are spending ten weeks immersed in the life and culture of Slovenia. They will experience the day-to- day student life at the Waldorfska šola School in Ljubljana. Students will also enjoy the splendour of Europe when they attend art camp in Florence and an Opera in the Weiner Staatsoper, in Vienna. A ten-day surveying camp in Croatia forms the basis of a main lesson cycle about Mathematics, which they will have to navigate in a foreign language, in consultation with their fellow Slovenian exchange peers. The cultural exchange is an intentional educational opportunity which reinforces lessons about resilience, acceptance of challenge and the continued growth of the emerging independent self. These lessons build upon skills learned and practised during the extensive Year Nine outdoor education program. We look forward to returning the exchange opportunity later on in the year, when some of the Slovenian students will come to Australia and spend time at our beautiful school. This wonderful, challenging and unique opportunity provides students with an experience that consolidates many of the skills and attitudes the Mansfield Steiner School has helped them acquire to this point. Their return from Slovenia marks the beginning of preparations for their International Baccalaureate.