The Morning Verse

I look into the world
Wherein there shines the sun
Wherein there gleam the stars
Wherein there lie the stones
The plants they live and grow
The beasts they feel and live
And we to spirit gives
A dwelling in the soul.

I look into the soul
That living dwells in me
God’s spirit lives and weaves
In light of sun and soul
In heights of worlds without
In depths of soul within.

To thee o Spirit of God, I seek and turn myself,
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.


In Term One, students in Class Ten will be participating in three Main Lessons. The year begins with a delve into ancient history and the rise of early human societies. The core philosophical question of this main lesson lies as the heart of what it means to be civilised, what exactly defines a society and what this definition prescribes to the worldview that we have. As these maturing adolescents learn to look out into the world, they seek to understand how societies arose and how civilisation has defined what it means to be a human living within ‘civilisation’. It also gives us a leap off point to explore our inherent Anglo-Saxon worldview and how this is different to the first nations people in Australia (as well as other first nations people around the world). 

Beginning in week four, students will begin a Mathematics Main Lesson, ‘Pattern and Proof’, this main lesson explores triangles, geometry and the proof of mathematical formulas. In science, students have begun important investigations and increased their understanding of the cellular world. Aided by microscopes, they have begun to understand the complex cellular world. This forms an important basis to understand the cellular world, at a microscopic level and how this creates and informs the world we see at eyelevel. English main lessons and practice lessons are deeply entrenched in the archetype of the hero/ antihero and students will build on their understanding of how heroes, in all their archetypes, inform and interplay with the social values and morale’s of a given society. We will use the epic poems, ‘The Odyssey’ and a more modern text, ‘Cold Mountain’ to draw parallels about the consistent morale’s associated with ‘The Hero’ as he/she journey’s through the epic battles of life, to bring about a better world and a best self.

Further, Class Ten students will have the opportunity to compete in Interschool Swimming Sports and round-robin events. They will shake and move through Physical Education and Bothmer Gymnastics, reinforcing the idea of strength of body to match strength of mind. Wellbeing sessions, as well as morning circle, give the class a chance to gauge individual and collective feelings, set goals and celebrate life milestones. They are encouraged to build a sense of trust within their class and to explore how effective communication and openness help to imbue a sense of regard for themselves and each other.

As Class Ten prepares to set sail for their exchange to Slovenia, they will be organising and executing various fundraisers in order to financially support their adventures and travels. We look forward to support from parents, school families and the wider community.