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Dear School Community, It is with great pleasure I welcome you back to the new school year.

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Dear School Community,

It is with great pleasure I welcome you back to the new school year. I hope your children and your families have had a positive time during the summer school holidays and are nearly as excited as you to begin.

We welcome 20 new families and 6 new staff members to the school this year and we look forward to getting to know new students, friends, and colleagues. New beginnings are often difficult, and the excitement can be equally matched by trepidation, but I can assure you that this is a fun, vibrant place that values your involvement.

For those of you just beginning your journey with the school, please ensure that you have the Sentral app and that the notifications are turned on. Those of you who have been here longer and have not got the app, or not turned on the notifications, or don’t have the app at all because you believe that keeping on top of the school events is your partner’s job, (likely you are on thin ice!) Please get onto this ASAP. The calendar in Sentral should be checked regularly and we do our best to keep this information as current as possible. This year, we will look to wind back text messages and emails sent to parents to remind them to check Sentral. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please ask at the office.

There are several events to keep in mind for the beginning of the year. (Which you probably already know about because you checked Sentral!)


Monday, January 29 
 Staff Day – NO STUDENTS

Tuesday, January 30  
First day of school (8.50 am start in Primary and Secondary)
9.00 am Whole School Assembly – Welcome to Class 1
9.30 am Parents Morning Tea – ALL WELCOME

Wednesday, January 31                
9.00 am Honeybees start (3yo Kindergarten)

Thursday, February 1
7.00 pm Secondary School Information Night

Friday, February 2 
 9.00 am Year 9 OE Rifle Butts Day walk

Saturday, February 3   
8.00 am – 12.00 pm Working Bee and Desk Day


We would love as many parents as possible to come to the Welcome Assembly and Morning Tea. We have a short ceremony to welcome Class 1, new staff and families followed by morning tea which is provided by P&F. 

Accompanying this message is the Parent Handbook for 2024. It can be found HERE. It is not possible to capture everything in one document but if you have suggestions for additions, please let us know.

We hope you have a fulfilling year and look forward to working together to inspire Goodness, Beauty, and Truth in our students, community, and the world.


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