Mansfield Steiner School, a community that strives to meet, see, and understand our children from the starting point that they are already enough. This doesn’t mean that our children don’t have many things to learn or that they don’t need our considered guidance. It simply means that we begin from the understanding that the most important part of them is already there to be recognised. It’s the same part of them that, as parents, we will love unconditionally, regardless of their life choices or actions.

As a parent, a teacher, and the Principal I feel incredibly grateful that we can offer our children the experience of being educated at our school. At any level you choose to examine, we are blessed with committed caring, and intelligent staff who are working hard for our children and a physical space that continues to grow in beauty. The Steiner curriculum demands that staff not only develop creative, engaging classroom experiences that meet the student’s stage of development but that they consistently reflect deeply on themselves and understand how their approach to their own life impacts their students. We encourage and expect this same level of self-reflection from our families.

I hope that those who become part of the Mansfield Steiner community can be grateful and proud of what so many people have built over almost 40 years, and that they see the opportunity for themselves to contribute to the evolution of the school.