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The educational advantage your child needs is here in Mansfield

At Mansfield Steiner School students are encouraged to discover their authentic voice through the development of ethical capacities. Nurturing each child’s individual potential is valued within the context of society and in relation to the wider local, national and global spheres of activity. Offering a complete education from Kinder to Years 11 and 12 (2020) (currently a candidate school for International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program), Mansfield Steiner School promotes academic, creative, personal and global values in a classroom environment not defined by four walls.


Embracing the school site, the Mansfield region and the world, we recognise that the physical learning environment is highly significant to the educational experience.

With low student-teacher ratios and a passion for education, our teachers share common values and goals, creating a learning environment that balances creative expression, critical thinking, empathy, global awareness and ethical action.

Classrooms and playgrounds develop both spatial and sensory experiences, we use the natural environment and materials to shape our facilities, providing sustainable and welcoming physical structures that facilitate healthy learning, working and playing.

Our outstanding outdoor education program provides experiential learning through camping trips and expeditions, offering students opportunities for personal growth, self-awareness compassion, insight and expansion of life experiences through practical leaning.

As students move into their final three years of schooling, we offer a diverse and exhilarating curriculum, which includes the opportunity to travel overseas to enjoy a cultural experience. The programme supports students both academically and socially as they approach adulthood, broadening the horizons of their world as they experience other cultures.

Nurturing an environment of clear communication environment, we also encourage direct parent-teacher interaction and value an open channel of contact with our school families.