Welcome 2024 term 1

Steiner teacher draws the maths work on a colourful creative chalk blackboard
Early Childhood

Early Years OPEN DAY

The Early Years Open Day will take you on a journey from Kinder to Class 2 where you will learn how our program supports developmental

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Year 8 Chemistry

In the Chemistry of Food Main Lesson students are exploring the world of matter through the conceptual lense of chemistry, atoms and molecules to explain

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Blackboard with chalk drawings of numbers and pictures of dice to illustrate.

Class One

Class 1 have begun the Math Main lesson titled the Quality of Numbers. The focus is centered on the discovery and exploration of each individual

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Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival is always a highlight on Term 1 and signals the end of Summer and the beginning of the cooler weather. It is

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Years 11 & 12 IB DIP

The Interrelations of the EE

The Extended Essay is a core element of the IB program that allows students to conduct an in-depth exploration under a topic of their choice.

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History of Fire

In chemistry of combustion students will start at the beginning by getting busy with their hands trying to start their own fire using friction, persistence

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